The Music Hall recently announced a new show for its 2014-2015 season.

The exclusive member pre-sale for An Evening with Lily Tomlin
(taking place Saturday, March 7) began on September 12.

Public sales for that show will begin at 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 18.

Memberships begin at $50 and may be bought online.

Please contact the box office at (518) 273-0038 or brian@troymusichall.org
with any questions about any event below!

The Albany Symphony Orchestra's 2014-2015 season and the Troy Chromatics' 2014-2015 concert series were announced in the spring. The best information about those concerts may be found at their respective websites, albanysymphony.com and troychromatics.org.

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

"1964"... The Tribute

Friday, 9/19/2014  8:00 PM
   A: $35   B: $30   C: $25   D: $25
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"1964" takes its audiences on a musical journey to an era in rock history that will live forever. "1964"... The Tribute is hailed by critics and fans alike as the most authentic and endearing Beatles tribute in the world.

Choosing songs from the pre-Sgt. Pepper era, "1964" astonishingly recreates a live Beatles concert in the early '60s, with period instruments, clothing, hairstyles, and onstage banter.

Over 25 years of research and performance have given the musicians of "1964" mastery of their craft. Come see why "1964"... The Tribute is the definitive Beatles show!

Links:  - The "1964"... The Tribute website

Troy Chromatic Concerts presents

Garrick Ohlsson

Sunday, 9/28/2014  3:00 PM
   A: $45   B: $45   C: $45   D: $35
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Garrick Ohlsson, the recipient of the 1994 Avery Fisher Award, brings his magisterial interpretive and technical prowess to the Chromatics season for the fourth time. This recital includes:

BEETHOVEN - Sonata No. 28 in A Major (Op. 101)
CHOPIN - Sonata No. 3 in B Minor (Op. 58)
SCRIABIN - "Desir" (Op. 57, No. 1)
- Sonata No. 7 (Op. 64, "White Mass")
- Etude in B-flat Minor (Op. 8, No. 11)
- Etude in D-flat Major (Op. 8, No. 10)
- "Fragilite" (Op. 51, No. 1)
- Sonata No. 5 in F-sharp Major (Op. 53)

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer

Friday, 10/10/2014  8:00 PM
   A: $42   B: $37   C: $32   D: $27
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Mandolinist/composer Chris Thile, of Punch Brothers, and bassist/composer Edgar Meyer team up again! These two MacArthur Geniuses will cross traditional boundaries in a diverse program of largely original music.

Links:  - About Edgar Meyer
- Chris Thile on Facebook

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn

Friday, 10/24/2014  8:00 PM
   A: $42   B: $34   C: $34   D: $25
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Banjoists Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn have mastered the deceptively intricate art of the duet. Their performances embrace a diversity almost unthinkable - coming from just two banjos and one voice. Washburn's beguiling composing, playing and singing blend with Fleck's riveting and virtuosic musicianship to create music both unique yet familiar in texture.

Links:  - Bela on touring with Abigail
- Abigail's bio, audio, and video

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall and Johnson Communications present

Postmodern Jukebox

Saturday, 10/25/2014  8:00 PM
   A: $29
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Proving that everything new can be old again, pianist Scott Bradlee has become a viral pop sensation, racking up millions of views, by creating a series of clips for YouTube that finds him and his ad hoc group Postmodern Jukebox re-working 21st century pop hits in a variety of vintage styles.

You may know Bradlee's work best from a video, linked below, with eight million views on YouTube: Lorde's "Royals" as sung by Puddles - a 6’8” sad clown! But Postmodern Jukebox has also proven that Iggy Azalea’s summer smash hit "Fancy" is well suited to be a 1920s flapper-style number, and although doo-wop isn’t something you associate with Miley Cyrus, just wait until you hear “We Can't Stop” transformed into that unique '50s style. “Thrift Shop”, by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, has a '20s jazz accent now, Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” is reinterpreted as a big band song, and Kesha's "Die Young" makes a lively country tune.

Links:  - Lorde's "Royals", ft. Puddles the Sad Clown
- A wide selection of Postmodern Jukebox videos

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

An Evening with Bruce Hornsby

Saturday, 11/1/2014  8:00 PM
   A: $55   B: $42   C: $35   D: $30
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Bruce Hornsby’s work displays a creative iconoclasm that’s been a constant in the artist’s two-and-a-half-decade recording career. His commercial stock soared early on, when “The Way It Is” – the title track of his 1986 debut album – became one of the most popular songs on American radio. Despite his early mainstream successes, Hornsby has pursued a more personal, idiosyncratic musical path, focusing on projects that sparked his creative interest, including collaborations with the Grateful Dead, Spike Lee, Ornette Coleman, Bob Dylan, Béla Fleck, and Robbie Robertson.

In November 1st's solo performance, Hornsby will offer a glimpse of a restless spirit who continues to push forward into exciting new musical terrain.
* * * * *
Bruce Hornsby's new live double album "Solo Concerts" will be included with the purchase of each ticket. The two-CD set can be picked up at the show by redeeming your ticket.

Links:  - Bruce Hornsby's jam-packed website
- All about the "Solo Concerts" CD

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

Kathleen Madigan
Madigan Again

Saturday, 11/8/2014  8:00 PM
   A: $34   B: $29   C: $29   D: $25
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Kathleen Madigan is one of the most respected comedians of her generation; over her 25 year career she's performed for Leno, Letterman, Conan, and Ferguson, as well as numerous comedy tours and festivals.

She remains the only comedian in the history of NBC's "Last Comic Standing" to go unchallenged by any other comedian - meaning that no comedian would say they were funnier than her!

Links:  - Kathleen Madigan's website

Troy Chromatic Concerts presents

Tessa Lark, violin
with Ellen Hwangbo, piano

Sunday, 11/9/2014  3:00 PM
   A: $35   B: $35   C: $35   D: $25
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Tessa Lark, winner of the 2012 Naumburg International Violin Competition, possesses versatility that takes her from the classical repertoire to exemplary bluegrass music. She is an active participant at major festivals such as Chicago's Ravinia and San Francisco's Music@Menlo, and for the Chromatics she plans to present the program below:

BARTOK - Romanian Folk Dances
SCOTT, CYRIL - "Lotus Land", arranged by Fritz Kreisler
YSAYE - Sonata No. 5 for Solo Violin (Op. 27)
GRIEG - Sonata No. 3 in C Minor (Op. 45)
plus traditional Appalachian fiddle tunes

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

Arlo Guthrie

Thursday, 11/13/2014  7:30 PM
   A: $42   B: $36   C: $32   D: $25
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Arlo was last at the Hall in 2008, joined by the Burns Sisters for a rousing and fun night of music. He returns solo this time, to fill the stage with the tales and anecdotes of a natural born storyteller, creating an evening of satire, laughs, social commentary, and great folk music.

Known to generations as a prolific songwriter, social commentator, master storyteller, actor and activist, Arlo - an icon in his own right - is the eldest son of Marjorie Mazia Guthrie (a professional dancer with the Martha Graham Company) and America's most beloved singer/writer/philosopher/artist, Woody Guthrie. Arlo has had a distinguished and varied career spanning over fifty years.

Links:  - Arlo's home on the Internet

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

Judy Collins

Friday, 11/21/2014  8:00 PM
   A: $37   B: $37   C: $32   D: $28
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Judy Collins is a Hall favorite! Her beautiful voice, in the acoustics of the Music Hall, makes her performances here extraordinary every time.

Judy will again share her classics, like "Chelsea Morning", "Cat’s in the Cradle", and "Bird on a Wire". And, inspired by the same love that fuels her new PBS special "Judy Collins Live in Ireland", she will also add Celtic flavour with some of her favorite Irish tunes, like "Wild Mountain Thyme", "She Moved Through the Fair", and (of course!) "Danny Boy".

Links:  - Judy's website

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

Jim Brickman
On A Winter's Night

Thursday, 12/11/2014  7:30 PM
   A: $44   B: $36   C: $29   D: $29
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This year, Jim Brickman's "On A Winter’s Night" concerts will continue Jim's eighteen-year tradition of bringing the sounds of the season to joyous crowds from coast to coast.

Hailed by the Boston Herald as a "crowd-pleaser," Jim's one-of-a-kind concert event is a celebration filled with lush instrumentals and soaring vocals, fusing feelings of hope and joy together with Jim's most beloved hits like "Valentine", "If You Believe", "The Gift", "Angel Eyes", and "Sending You A Little Christmas".

Jim Brickman will remind you, on a winter's night, of what we cherish during the most wonderful time of the year - togetherness.

Links:  - Jim Brickman's website

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

The Marcus Roberts Trio
with Anat Cohen

Friday, 2/27/2015  7:30 PM
   A: $42   B: $36   C: $28   D: $28
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This concert is the first part of the Bridge Jazz Festival, which continues with a Saturday night concert at The Massry Center at the College of Saint Rose.

Single tickets for Friday night's show are available at the listed prices; starting on Tuesday, August 12, you may buy those by phone, in person, or by clicking "Buy Tickets" above. (Music Hall and Massry Center members may buy single tickets now.)

A pass including seating for both concerts is available for $60 through either the Music Hall or the Massry Center. You may buy passes at any time, by phone or in person or by clicking the "Buy Tickets" button in the Bridge Jazz Festival event (below).
* * * * *
The Marcus Roberts Trio will perform at 9:30. The trio - Marcus Roberts on piano, Jason Marsalis on drums, and Rodney Jordan on bass - is known for its dynamic, melodic style. Roberts was the subject of high praise from Wynton Marsalis: "We call him the genius of the modern piano, because he is."

The trio has been known since its formation in 1995 for an entirely new approach to jazz trio performance; the musicians of the trio share equally, through interpersonal cues, in shaping the tempo, mood, texture, and form of the music. Every musician's virtuosic talent is showcased in the group's powerful rhythmic sound.
* * * * *
The trio will be preceded on the Music Hall stage at 8:30 by the expressive virtuoso Anat Cohen - the Jazz Journalists Association's Clarinetist of the Year for seven years running, a constant leader in critics' and readers' polls in DownBeat magazine, and a delightful performer on clarinet and saxophone.

JazzTimes records, "With the clarinet she becomes a singer, a dancer, a poet, a mad scientist, laughing - musically - with the sheer delight of reaching that new place, that new feeling, with each chorus."

Links:  - The Marcus Roberts Trio performing
"What Is This Thing Called Love?"
- Anat Cohen performing "And the World Weeps"

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall and The Massry Center at The College of Saint Rose present

The Bridge Jazz Festival

Saturday, 2/28/2015  6:30 PM
   A: $60
Buy Tickets
The Festival includes both a Friday night concert at the Music Hall and a Saturday night concert at the Massry Center.

Performers at the Music Hall include the Marcus Roberts Trio at 9:30, clarinetist-saxophonist Anat Cohen at 8:30, and an act to be announced at 7:30.

Performers at the Massry Center will include the Fred Hersch Trio at 8:45, Cécile McLorin Savant at 7:30, and the Gretchen Parlato/Alan Hampton Duo at 6:30.

A $60 pass for the Jazz Festival is available at the "Buy Tickets" button in this listing. Student passes are $40 and must be ordered by phone or in person.

Single tickets for Friday night's show are available at the "Buy Tickets" button in its event, above; single tickets for Saturday night's show are available only through the Massry Center.

The Music Hall box office may be reached at (518) 273-0038; the Massry Center box office is at (518) 337-4871.

Links:  - The Massry Center season, including the Festival
- Video of Gretchen Parlato and Alan Hampton
- A set of videos curated at Fred Hersch's website

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents

An Evening with Lily Tomlin

Saturday, 3/7/2015  8:00 PM
   A: $65   B: $55   C: $49   D: $39
Buy Tickets
Get together with Lily Tomlin for an unforgettable night of fun and sidesplitting laughter. This unique comic artist takes her audience on a trip with more than a dozen of her timeless characters - from Ernestine to Sister Boogie Woman, Mrs. Beasley, and the iconic Edith Ann. With astounding skill and energy, Tomlin zaps through the channels like a human remote control. Don't miss this!

All dates, times and artists will be subject to change.

Inclement Weather Policy: If the artist is in town and ready to perform, the performance will be held as scheduled, UNLESS a state of emergency has been declared by the Mayor, Governor, or other civil authority which would prevent the audience from traveling to the theatre. In such case, the performance will be postponed and an attempt will be made to reschedule the performance on a later date during the same season.

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