The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents
Oct 11 12:00PM
Music@Noon Free Concert Series!
Laura Roth and Hui Cox
Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Join us for this FREE series, no ticket required!

Laura and Hui have separately performed a variety of musical genres, and they have each come home to their deepest musical love, jazz. In doing so, they are calling upon the works of Ella Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, Chaka Kahn, Chick Correa, Sting, Gershwin, and others. Such diversity is possible, they believe, because virtually any song played with a unique approach and freedom can become jazz.

 The best way to describe our musical journey is the quote from the journalist on our webpage - “They played with the songs like they were exploring old mansions, making their way around, kicking up cobwebs and running up the stairs through hallways to the attic.”

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