Rising Image presents:

10.8.17 @ 2:30PM

Tolkien & Lewis

Wardrobes & Rings

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David Payne (An Evening with CS Lewis) returns with his new drama featuring the very last encounter between two giants of Fantasy Literature.  “A Wonderful Character Piece!” British Theatre Guide.  

** VIP includes premium seating and “Tea, Turkish Delight & Tete-a-Tete” with David Payne and Cast

 Those who attended David Payne’s exhilarating performance of An Evening with C S Lewis will surely want to be at his new production, Wardrobes & Rings, where once again he gives another exquisite performance as the author of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.  Marc Whitmore, as Tolkien, is the perfect foil to Payne’s Lewis and Meg Ellisor adds a wonderful touch of hilarity as a dizzy barmaid.   Set in Oxford’s celebrated Eagle & Child pub (where the two met many times over their 30 year friendship), the play focuses on an encounter that takes place following Lewis’s recent heart attack.   Tolkien, who suggested the meeting, is acutely aware that there may not be many more opportunities for these lifelong friends to get together.   As one might expect from two men whose humor was legendary there are many laughs and all the more so when Hattie, the barmaid, adds her bubbly personality to the proceedings.  

As these two writers of fantasy reminisce they reveal what were the key events in their enduring friendship, what was the philosophy and aspirations that undergirded both their lives and their writings.  Such revelations will, at times, surprise the audience including their reaction to proposed movie versions of their books!  They will also dispel some of the misconceptions that arise when people become legends in their own lifetime.  It is not all harmony, however, as the they deal with past events that caused cracks in their relationships.   They do this with an honesty that not only exposes raw emotions but also lays the foundation for true reconciliation and a concluding celebration of a friendship.  A friendship that each acknowledges helped make them become two of the most successful British authors of the 20th century and whose books still sell in their millions.