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Educational Mission

Education is our future.

The Music Hall is committed to supporting arts education in our schools and throughout our community. By offering free and discounted performances for students, outreach opportunities with artists and masterclasses, we help to leverage our creative assets to make a difference in the lives of children and adults of all ages.

Unison: Student & Families Membership Program

The Music Hall is committed to welcoming all people into our performance space to enjoy the arts. The Unison Student & Families Program is designed to bring all members of the community together to enjoy the varied musical performances we present throughout the season by providing free seats to qualifying students and families. Learn more about the Unison Program here.

Community Partnerships

We are a committed community partner! Learn how to bring arts-integrated programs to your organization by partnering with the Music Hall. Appropriate for any age group!

School and District Partnerships

The Music Hall works with teaching artists throughout the community to bring hundreds of arts enrichment, interactive programming into schools each year. The Music Hall is committed to integrating the arts into academic curricula, and works to design workshops that best serve our partnering educators in the classroom.

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall is a registered BOCES Arts & Enrichment Provider.

Arts-Integrated Learning Approach

The Music Hall values student engagement in a creative process that connects the arts to their academic studies. We provide a wide variety of arts programming to create inclusive and responsive learning opportunities in schools and at our venue.

Artist Masterclasses and Workshops 

We strive to provide as many opportunities as possible for students of all ages to work with local and world-renowned artists. Students cultivate their skills and build valuable artistic experiences through the varied workshops and classes we offer each year.

Connecting the Arts to the Classroom

The Arts Matter! Live performances and interactive learning experiences give students the opportunity to be inspired, to create, and reflect. These fundamental experiences enrich students' academic studies; to equip students with the foundations for achievement both inside and outside the classroom by developing their creative capacity, thinking skills, and knowledge essential for lifelong success. Our Educational Performance Series, workshops, and matinee shows connect with classroom Academic Standards to allow educators the opportunity for scaffolding the student learning process.

Interested in learning more about upcoming educational opportunities?

Please Contact Jessica Bowen, Director of Education & Outreach at or call (518) 629 - 4016.


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