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Virtual Performance Series 2021-2022 Season

"Rhythm & Melody in Irish Folk Music" with Drank The Gold
Premiered: 11/7/21 

Virtual Performance Series 2020-2021 Season

In collaboration with our 2020 - 2021 Ensemble-in-Residence, Quintocracy, we presented a three - part virtual educational performance series for students of all ages. Available for educational use below. Educators and musical enthusiasts alike can utilize the recordings of these programs both in and out of the classroom as powerful and entertaining learning tools.

Session 1: "What in the World is a Wind Quintet?"

Our Ensemble-in-Residence, Quintocracy, joins us for the first of three educational events. Here they discuss: what in the world is a wind quintet? Join in the fun as they break down the ins & outs of a wind quintet and discuss the roles of each instrument in the ensemble. 

Session 2: "A Very Musical Journey"

Quintocracy returns for the second installment in this Educational Performance Series! In this session, we hear from the members of Quintocracy as they discuss their musical upbringing and what led them along their musical journeys. The solo repertoire accompanying these discussions played a significant role in each musician's personal development, and the chamber works emphasize how Quintocracy came to be -- showcasing the various stylings and genres in their repertoire list.

Session 3: "Endangered & Auxiliary Instruments"

Join us as Quintocracy discusses Auxiliary Woodwind instruments and endangered woodwind instruments! In the last of three installments, Quintocracy Winds discusses the unique roles auxiliary instruments play in the world of Woodwind solo and Chamber Repertoire. 

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