The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents
 Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
May 03 8:00PM
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

A celebrated musical juggernaut for four decades, thrilling audiences from Tasmania in the South Pacific to Svalbard in the Artic Circle, Windsor Castle to Carnegie Hall, the all-singing, all-plucking Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain continues to break the mould with a programme of new tunes as well as old classics.

A concert by the Ukulele Orchestra is an unforgettable experience. A witty, quirky, irreverent, joyful, foot-stomping obituary of rock & roll and melodious light entertainment, all played on the ‘bonsai guitar’. Add to this a menagerie of voices, eccentric humour and a fusion of post-punk energy meets afternoon tea, and a wonderful night of entertainment is guaranteed.

There are no pianos, backing tracks or banjos, no pitch shifters or electronic trickery. Only an astonishing revelation of the rich palette of orchestration afforded by different sized ukuleles, vocal harmonies, and a bit of whistling. Prepare yourselves for a roller coaster ride through every musical genre. From Abba to ZZ Top, Tchaikovsky to Nirvana, whether its Soul, Funk, Classical, Country, Pop, Rock, Punk or Folk, in the hands of the Ukulele Orchestra, musical alchemy unites and transports the audience.

So in demand, they find themselves perpetually ‘on a world tour with hand luggage only’, The Ukulele Orchestra are delighted to be back in the USA once again with our friends across the pond. Buckle up.

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